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We are sure that you will enjoy Sunglasses by Leo Duvati, and that is why we offer you the satisfaction guarantee trial. The trial offer is designed to display the quality of the Leo Duvati sunglases. This gives you the chance to try this product by only paying shipping and handling so you can come to a decision if this is the right product for you. By placing an order, you agree to our full terms and conditions and to enroll in a 14 day trial where you will receive your sunglasses from the Leo Duvati colection and your credit card will be charged $5.99 USD for shipping and handling. If our product is not right for you, simply call (888) 797-8242 within 14 days of your initial order to cancel your trial and owe nothing more. Otherwise, at the end of your 14 day trial your credit card willl automatically be charged $95 USD for the sunglasses, and you will be enrolled in a 30 day auto ship program. Every 30 days after that, you will be shipped another pair of sunglasses from the complete sunglass collection and billed the retail price of $49.99 USD. If you decide not to participate in the 30 day auto-ship program call (888) 797-8242 at any time to cancel or modify shipments. Or email

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  I am at least 18 years old and have read the terms of this offer. I will be billed $5.99 today and then $95 14 days later if I do not email or call to cancel my trial membership. Every 30 days thereafter, i will be shipped another product and billed $49.99.